Eat Vegan in A Hotel Room?

For me, going on vacation means exploring the new city and using to find all the local vegan-friendly restaurants.  

I was on The Healthy Voyager's website and came across a video of her offering tips to save money and your waistline while on vacation.

Some of the tips are too extreme for me (using the iron to make a panini??) but overall this information is helpful.

Tips from video:

*Bring a small blender and blend fresh produce wherever you are

*The coffee filter basket is an easy way to steam fresh vegetables

*Use the coffee carafe to warm soups and beans (I really like this one!)

*The ice bucket is handy for tossing salads

*Bring along food grade peroxide to sanitize all the items

Do you usually find ways to cook in your hotel room on vacation or seek out local restaurants?



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