Simple Breakfast & Football

As much as I love summer, it's been nice to have cooler weather for the last few days. 

Since blueberry and strawberry season is ending, I'm eating as many of them as possible. I even topped my So Delicious ice cream & vegan chocolate syrup and strawberries the other day. Don't judge me. :-)


For breakfast yesterday we enjoyed a simple meal of banana, berries, vanilla Almond Dream yogurt and plain granola. Doesn't it look so yummy?! It was. :-) I got the idea from FitMenCook on Instragram. His version has Greek yogurt but it very easy to sub that with a vegan one.

I'm trying to keep meals a little more simple since football season started. Shout out to all my football moms!

Elijah played his first game yesterday and we've been busy taking him to practice 3 times a week and getting him settled.


I'm looking forward to sharing more simple meals and having some football fun.


What's your favorite simple breakfast?



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