I had Alyssa on my Brown Vegan podcast recently to talk about why we need more vegan podcasts and how to set one up, so I thought it would be awesome to do a post on my podcast editing workflow.

>> You can listen to the chat with Alyssa here <<

If you're new to podcasting, or have been thinking about starting one, it may feel like there are a lot of steps below.

Don't let my process stop you from starting!

My podcast beginnings were super humble.

My first episode was recorded using the voice memo on my iPod (I couldn't even afford an iPhone back then) and I knew nothing about recording, editing, etc. 

You have to start before you're ready! Take the leap and make improvements as you go. 


Here's my current process for editing podcast episodes...

  • Put the interview mp3 in Audacity (free software) to edit

  • Listen to the interview for the first time to see how it flowed and edit out dead air, interruptions, etc. 

  • Listen again in a few hours (or days) and edit out most "umms," jots down notes for the blog post and my introduction,  and get a 30-second clip for the beginning of the episode and social media. This edit usually takes the longest to do. 

  • If it feels like the episode didn't flow well, I will listen a THIRD time. I try to only listen twice for most episodes. 

  • Once the interview portion of the episode is done, I save it to my desktop and then record my introduction using a Yeti microphone and Audacity. 

  • Next, I edit my introduction (this is usually 3-mins of audio)

  • Then put all the footage together in Audacity & save to the desktop -- the 30-second clip, my introduction, interview, music, and the pre-recorded outro.

  • Quick final make sure all the files are sync (I don't listen straight through)

  • Once the episode is ready, I upload the final mp3 file to Libsyn (my podcast host)

  • Make the images for social media in Canva.

  • Write the blog post -- to keep it simple, I write an intro paragraph (or not), embed the podcast episode, bullet points for the topics discussed in the episode, how to reach the guest,  and resources mentioned.

  • Make my social audio posts in Wavve to share on social media.

  • Reach out to the podcast interviewee by email and let them know the episode is live with a link to the blog post and picture for social media. 

Wow! I take a lot of steps to edit my podcast. This doesn't include the time it takes to schedule guests, interview them and some other steps I may be forgetting right now. 

Once I start making consistent money from my podcast, I plan to outsource a lot of the editing to free up time for other projects. 

Remember, you can keep it as simple as you want! Don't feel like you have to do any of these steps...I didn't for a long time. lol 

What are your questions about podcasting?

Let me know!

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