How to Start Making Video Today (Using Equipment You Already Have)

When I started my YouTube channel back in Oct 2011, I was obsessed with knowing what equipment other YouTubers were using to make their videos.

I would watch a video, fall in love with the production quality, then head over to the description box hoping to find out what camera, lighting and backdrop the person was using.

Most of the time, the awesome camera equipment and lighting were out of my budget, but I thought I needed all of that to build a successful channel.

These days, I know being yourself and sharing valuable content is much more important than all the other things we care about in the beginning.

The good news is, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to get started! Don't let equipment hold you back from starting your channel today.

3 Essentials to Start Making Video Today:

Camera - I started off with a $100 camera that I already owned to record my videos. If you don't have a camera, you can actually use the one right on your smartphone! Camera phone quality is getting better and better, so there's no reason to not use it.

  • Record video on your phone
  • Edit the footage using the iMovie app on your phone or transfer the file to your computer to edit and upload the video!



Tripod - Wanna hear some funny? When I started my channel I didn't even have a tripod. I recruited Eric and the kids to hold the camera while I directed them where to move to get the shots. It was a mess! I just didn't know any better and assumed this is what everyone else did.

  • You can get a simple tripod for $20 (tiny one like this or full-sized similar to this one) and a tripod mount (for the full-sized tripod) to hold your phone in place (I have this one).
  • If a tripod isn't in the budget right now, you can also lean your phone against a stack of books. 



Natural Light - You don't need fancy light to get stated - Natural light is actually best!

  • Film your videos in front of a window
  • The quality of your lighting is more important than a fancy camera
  • Face the light (don’t have your back to it) like the picture on the right
  • Cloudy days are usually better than sunny days because of shadows 


Those are the basics to get started! Get out there and start sharing your passion with the world.

Never let equipment hold you back!  We all have to start from somewhere. :-)

The Secret to Building A Brand Using Video

The news of singer Prince passing hit me hard yesterday. My parents are major fans, so I feel like his music is the soundtrack of my childhood.

Even if you're not a Prince fan, his story is inspiring. He was incredibly talented and lived his life courageously and unapologetically.

I'm inspired to take everything I do to the next level because of that!

Just like Prince was passionate about music, you also have a passion that you're ready to share with the world.

I know you want to build a brand doing what you love.

Building a brand will allow you to:

  • Have the freedom that comes from working for yourself
  • Build a solid financial future for your family
  • Being able to travel when you want
  • Connect with people from all over the world through what you teach

Video is the way to do all of this and more!

Maybe the fear of thinking you have to be perfect to start, not having the time to produce videos and being nervous about being in front of the camera is holding you back.

Don't let it!

The real secret to building a brand using video is to start before you're ready. Period.

You will never feel ready to get in front of the camera or share your passion/message with the world. Never.

You just have to do it!

Brand EleVation is a live 90- minute virtual workshop that will walk you through the steps you need to build your brand using video.

In Brand EleVation I will teach you:

*How to determine your online audience

*How to plan & structure your videos for the best impact (the same strategy I used to grow my YouTube channel to over 32,000 subscribers)

*How to find time in your schedule to produce videos

You will also receive a workbook, checklists (what to do before, during and after your video) and a resource guide (equipment, editing software, lighting, etc.)

Get early-bird pricing for only $27 (regular price $47)

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I promise to keep the content in the workshop super simple and actionable. I don't want there to be any reason you can't get started.

You can do this!

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How to Build An Online Brand Using Video | Free Training

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a quick post about how I plan to share more about my business journey. I will talk more about how I was able to start a brand using video, social media and podcasting.

I feel like all of us have a message and video is the most powerful way to share and connect with people from all over the world. 

On Tuesday, April 19th I will host a free training to help you get started with your own brand using video.

In this training you will learn...

*Why video is the fastest way to build an online audience to spread your message (every 

*Tips on how to combat fear and increase confidence, so you can finally start making videos

*How to make great video without spending thousands of dollars on equipment

Live Q&A Session at the end

You missed the live training but you can sign up below to get the recording

So Excited!



I get a lot of questions from people about:

  • How to start and grow a YouTube channel
  • How to cultivate an engaged social media following
  • How to start a podcast and secure guests
  • Build a brand
  • Make money doing what you love (via products, speaking gigs, paid virtual workshops, etc)


I figure it would be awesome to start writing about all of these topics to help others follow their dreams.

I don't have a real post schedule yet, but I do plan to share my experiences and tips a couple of times a month.

If you have any other topics you would like me to cover, leave a comment below. :-)