You may think vegan life is complicated, expensive, bland or just too extreme for a family. I can tell you that this isn't the case at all.

Instead, this lifestyle is simple, the food is tasty and can be done long-term with a family. YOUR family.

When you're making this transition with your family, texture and flavor are key to make this lifestyle feel similar and delicious for them.

If it looks and feel good, it will be good. :-)

Heyyy!  I'm Monique

Heyyy! I'm Monique


I'm the person to help you start (and stay on) a vegan journey with your family! After being on this journey with my own family since 2010, I know how simple, delicious and long-term this lifestyle can be. 

When we started our own vegan journey I was overwhelmed by the grocery shopping, meal planning and complaints from my family. I promise once you get consistent and persistent with all of these area it will get easier to navigate this vegan life.


Brown Vegan is for you if:

  • You want vegan life to be familiar & fun.

  • You believe in "progression over perfection" and plan to keep moving forward in your vegan journey no matter what.

  • You love easy recipes that don't sacrifice texture or flavor.

  • You believe in balance -- green juice for breakfast and vegan cupcakes after dinner, baby!


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