#13 You Have to FOCUS


In the latest podcast episode, I share why I will focus on ONE thing for the rest of the year, and why I decided to walk away from the Brown Vegan podcast for the rest of 2019. For some strange reason, I say 2009 in the episode. lol

Listen here….

I’ve been all over the place in my business for the last several years.

Speaking gigs.

Creating Products.

Growing a successful podcast.

Working with brands on sponsorship deals.

Starting and growing a thriving email list.

Creating and growing a YouTube channel.

Consulting with people interested in starting a business.

Doing cooking demos around the country.

Appearing on TV.

Learning funnels and email automation.

This has led to burnout, lots of tears, and not making a LIVING from my passion.

I’m stopping this crazy rollercoaster ride!