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10 Vegan YouTubers You Should Know

I was so afraid to start my vegan channel a few years ago.

Will anyone watch?

I don't know anything about filming and editing.

How can I do this? I hate being in front of the camera.

Im so glad I got over that and moved forward instead of letting fear of the unknown keep me from starting.

I want to share the YouTube love by posting some awesome YouTube peeps you should subscribe to for recipes and vegan info.


Naki Aya Natural Living - Naki has a holistic approach to vegan life. You can except vegan recipes, what we ate today videos, grocery hauls and videos about self-love and emotional health. She has a vegan starter guide available for purchase here. Check out one of her videos from her channel below.

It was a pleasure having Naki on my podcast earlier this year - Listen to that convo here


Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of Joyful Vegan shares recipes and strategies on how to stay vegan long-term on her channel. I truly appreciate her loving approach to veganism and it was a pleasure meeting her at my first DC Veg Fest I back in 2011.

Colleen is also known for her weekly podcast - check it out here and watch one of her videos below.


Bite Size Vegan - Don't expect just a bunch of recipes here!  Emily offers entertaining well produced videos that tackle topics such as: being vegan enough, how to get a vegan tattoo and whether or not riding a horse is considered a vegan activity.

Check out one of her funny and informative videos below


Eco-Vegan GalOn Whitney's channel you can expect interviews, product reviews and tips on how to live a compassionate and eco-friendly vegan lifestyle.  She also has an ebook for buying organic food on a budget and started a podcast where she helps aspiring entrepreneurs

Check out one of Whitney's Eco Vegan Gal videos below


Edgy Veg - I enjoy Candice's channel because she's not afraid to show the other side of vegan life. What do I mean by that? She doesn't mind showing the comfort food, veganizing fast food dishes and cocktails. My kind-of girl! Check out one of her videos below


Sweet Potato Soul - Jenne offers healthy recipes and vlogs on how to stay consistent and all the amazing benefits of a vegan lifestyle. She's such a sweetheart and I can't wait to have her on my podcast to share her vegan journey in a few weeks. Check out one of her videos below

Order Sweet Potato Soul's cookbook here 


Mary's Test Kitchen - Mary's channel is the perfect introduction to vegan cooking because she's awesome with cooking techniques, what she ate today videos and cookbook reviews. Check out one of her videos below


Fully Raw Kristina - I love how beautiful the recipes on Kristina's channel are! Even though I have no desire to become a raw vegan (AKA no cooked food), I can still appreciate how appealing and vibrant she makes the lifestyle look. Plus, I love raw vegan desserts and smoothies, so those videos are always fun to watch. I met Kristina in person and she's a real sweetheart. Check out one of her videos below


Vegan, What? On Stephanie's channel you can expect a lot of raw vegan recipes, vegan grocery hauls and videos showcasing some of her favorite vegan products. Check out one of her grocery haul videos below


Veggietorials - Cobi's videos are always so creative and fun! I can only imagine how long it takes her to plan, shoot and edit her videos lol She does recipes, veganfaves and throws in some vlogs/tags every now and again.  Check out one of her videos below.


Honorable Mention: My girl, Michelle from Vegan Cooking with Love! She doesn't make videos anymore but her catalog of recipes is everything.


I hope this is helpful!

Some of my fave channels (that have nothing to do with food) - 4itsrox, DearNaptural85, Claire Marshall, sWooZie, TheChicNatural,  Shameless Maya & IISuperwomanII

What are some of your fave YouTube (food or not) channels? Leave me a comment below!

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