Vegan While Out: The Mill on MacArthur-Richmond, VA


I headed down to Richmond last weekend and had lunch with my friend Michelle at this cute spot.  Since becoming a vegan I prefer locally owned restaurants over chains because they tend to have more vegan options, and are more likely to accommodate my requests.

We started off with a vegan chilli.  It was okay but I prefer more beans in mine.

 Roasted Veggie Sandwich-roasted veggie medley, baby spinach, red onions on warm focaccia, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. 

We added the Daiya instead of dairy cheese for an additional $1. It wasn't worth it though because I couldn't even taste it. lol 



The sandwich was yummy but this meal was all about the fries.  I don't usually like broadwalk fries but these were so tasty.

The Mill on MacArthur

Another reason I prefer local restaurants is because the environment is more relaxed. Michelle and I talked for a while and I never felt like they wanted to fill our table with the next patrons.

Good food.

Great service.

I will be back. :-)