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My New Toy: A Juicer

I never thought I'd get a juicer since I enjoy smoothies so much; however, after watching Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (available on Netflix instant), and reading The Remedy: The Five-Week Power Plan to Detox Your System, Combat the Fat, and Rebuild Your Mind and Body , I started to think about getting one.


*Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

*Help with healthy skin, hair, nails and eyes

*Liver detoxification

*Curving your appetite

One of the reasons I was hesitant about getting a juicer, is because I didn't like the idea of losing so much fiber in the pulp.  After talking to some Twitter friends, I now have recipes for using the leftovers in dips, pancakes, muffins, and soups. I can also use the pulp in my daily smoothie.

I was so excited when I realized I had enough debit card points to get the juicer and a new Jack La Lanne juicer!


For this juice, I used a half head of cabbage, 2 celery stalks, a handful of grapes, and a tablespoon of wheatgrass.


I've been loving wheatgrass since I had it in Chicago in August.  Wheatgrass is great for detoxing, increasing energy, and strengthening the immune system.

I don't get toys too often but this one is definitely worth the points. :-)

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