Veganize it: Cheese Grits

Veganize it: Taking a popular food or recipe and making it vegan

People often ask how I adhere to a vegan diet ALL the  time.  It's all about changing your mindset. Every time I approach my meal planning, I think about what I CAN eat, never what I can't. 

Also, most of the time it's very easy to make simple modifications.  Case in point, cheese grits. 

Simon came home from his dad's house a few weeks ago and asked for cheese grits.  He said he heard someone on TV talking about it and wanted to know how they taste.  We eat grits often but usually with a little vegan margarine and all-season salt.


With one simple modification, he enjoyed a bowl of cheesy grits.

Prepare grits on the stove top like normal and stir in desired amount of vegan cheese. 


I used the Follow Your Heart brand


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