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Summer Vacation

It's officially summer vacation for my chipmunks!  We've spent some time at the lake, library, a few nature walks and a little bike riding.

We spotted this little guy on one of walks

During the last week of school I went to The Children's Museum with Theo on a school field trip.  Since my chipmunks are close in age and all attend the same school, this was my FOURTH time there and hopefully my last with the school.  The trips are rushed, there are about 80,000 kids running around and I'm stuck "babysitting" other kids when really all I want to do is hang with my child.  :-)

All three chipmunks finished off the school year with honor roll (Simon & Theo) and principal's list (Alvin).  I attended Alvin's ceremony and inevitably missed Simon and Theo's. Oops! Alvin gave me a notice from this teacher saying he was being honored and I didn't hear anything from the other two; so I assumed their ceremonies were taking place on another date.  All is good because they didn't seem to care that I wasn't there.  I guess they cut me some slack since I typically show up to their events.

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