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Strawberry Fair

Since the Internet at our home is so unpredictable, I decided to wait until we got to the airport (heading to Disney!) to upload the pictures from the Strawberry Fair from a few weeks ago.  Eric and I took Theo down to Ashland while Alvin and Simon spent the weekend in Maryland.

Our first stop was a small farmer's market that didn't have much selection but AWESOME mustard greens.  We then headed over to the fair which took place on Randolph-Macon college.  The campus is beautiful and I've been thinking about pursuing my sociology degree there.

Real live horses!

There was a stand that sold vegan soft serve for $4. It truly hit the spot after being outside for a few hours.

After the fair, we stopped off at a little coffee shop for lunch and live music from a local band.

Eric got a feta salad, Theo an English muffin (he had lunch at the fair), and I ate a black bean quesadilla (forgot to take a picture).

Green tea!  My favorite drink next to water

We stood in line for nearly 15 minutes for this sweet joy.  It was well worth the wait!  I froze half and the chipmunks ate the rest within 24 hrs.  Ashland Farms sponsored the event and when we went back the following weekend to get more strawberries, they were gone for the rest of the season.

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