Ferry Farm

****Another very late post****

I was finally able to go on a school field trip with Alvin today to Ferry Farm in Stafford, VA.  Since this is an outside field trip, it was cancelled on two previous occasion due to the weather.

Ferry Farm is the childhood home of George Washington and also where Powhatan Indians lived with their families.

There were several stations set up for exploration and lectures on the life of Powhatan Indians.

At the 1st station the children made rainmakers out of empty toliet paper rolls and dry rice:

Station #2

Tree Exploration with Mr Ray.  He discussed properties of how to identify different trees and the kids enjoyed touching and asking questions.

Station #3

Music with Gourds

The kids played for about 20 minutes after lucnh

Pretending to maneuver a canoe

Playing Native American Games

I think the best part of the trip for the kids was convincing the trunk drivers to blow their horns!