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Workout Withdrawals

I never thought in a million years I would be typing this, but I MISS my daily workout. I miss interacting with nature, getting my blood pumped and listening to high pace tunes as I conquer the asphalt.

There's a "exercise center" here in the complex but the 1980s fitness equipment leaves a lot to be desired. Also, there's the issue of the neighborhood Creeper.

The other day I asked my sister, Toni and Simon to accompany me to the clubhouse where the "fitness center" is located. When we entered the clubhouse there was a guy already occupying the arcade room within the dwelling. We preceded past him and entered the "fitness center" to see what equipment they had to offer.

We chuckled at the dated exercise bike and the ripped and dusty yoga mats. The Creeper was peeking at us from around the corner. I ignored him (even though my sister seemed a bit nervous by his presence) until he closed the door after entering the room. The layout of the area DOES NOT require the need to close the door. Another factor that put my instinct into overload was that he was dressed in jeans and a tank top.  His attire didn't give me the indication that he was was after the same fitness goal as me.

We quickly vacated the premises and haven't been back since.

I was sooo disappointed that the neighborhood Creeper made me uncomfortable.  Even though the facility was subpar, I was looking forward to getting my heart racing and blood pumping.  I just preferred not be have my heart racing from the terror of the neighbor Creeper.

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