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First Day Back

I didn't set my alarm the night before.  Even though I understood how important it is to get back into routines after vacation, I didn't want to force myself to wake up.  I had just spent several hours purging my closet and wanted nothing more than continuing my 8 AM wake time from vacation.

Once again, my mental clock had other plans.  At exactly 6:02, it woke me right up.  I slowly climbed out of bed, threw some water on my face, grabbed my camera and headed out.  My iPod blasted a Black Eyed Peas song but the uptempo did nothing for me.  I was tired and wanted nothing more than to get back in my bed.  The bed I so missed for the last eight days.

I headed out the driveway and made a right to maintain my usual routine.  I started out a lot slower than normal and decided to maintain that pace for the rest of the walk. I started snapping pictures of my first exercise to make me feel better.  To help me appreciate the chance of getting back into my routine.

After continuing the same pace for several minutes (deliberate brisk walking form), I reached to skip to the next song on my Ipod.  Instead, inadvertently, I paused my Ipod. I took a moment and listened to my surrounding without stopping my pace.  I heard bird chirping, squirrels jumping from branch to branch, a few cars out in the distance, and noises that resembled the serenade of crickets.  I decided to leave my headphones off for the remainder of my walk.  I felt my shoulders loosen and my form was nonexistent.  I slowed my pace even more and took in everything around me.

At the end of my walk I felt so empowered.  Sure I didn't do any "true" exercise, but the determination of getting up when I didn't want to and having that moment in nature was priceless to me at that moment.

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