Rice Cooker

The Hubs had been after me for a few years to invest in a rice cooker because he said the taste is better than on a stove top.  I was skeptical. Another kitchen gadget that serves only one purpose?  He grew up eating a lot of Asian cuisine (his stepmother is Filipino) and spoke like rice hasn't been the same for him since then.  We eat brown rice about three times a week so it would definitely get a lot of use.

Over the weekend, he went out and purchased one and we've literally been eating rice since then.  We love it!  The chipmunks can't enough of the flaky goodness.  I like how I feel healthier eating it because I don't have to use butter (I often used Earth Balance on the stovetop) and the taste isn't nearly as dense as Uncle Ben and other brands.

We have also decided to practice the One In, One Out rule to help control the clutter in our home.  I packed up the veggie streamer (the rice maker has one-Yippee) and gave it to The Hubs to drop off at Goodwill before he headed to Target.

Basmati Rice with Chilli Hot Sauce