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Master Closet Reveal

"When our homes-the containers of our daily lives are overflowing with clutter, our souls take a backseat to our stuff.  We no longer have the time, energy, and space for new experiences.  We feel cramped and inhibited, like we can't fully stretch out and express ourselves."

I purged our master closet last week and here's the new space....

We still have a few things to give away but we 're both enjoying the space so far. I'm glad that we have a  little "office space" since our home lacks that formal room.

It can be quite difficult to get a moment to clear your thoughts, work on your blog (I have been interrupted twice since I started typing this while in the dining room), or some reading done with three little ones running around.  The new closet has given us a chance to "escape" for a few moments and that is such a great gift.

Anyone wondering what the deal is with the dolls?  Well, I started collecting special edition Barbie and porcelain dolls back in high school.  I thought I would eventually pass them on to a daughter, but with having our 3 chipmunks, I decided to give most away.  I discovered that I had a total of 13 Barbies before the purge!  They were all stacked in the corner collecting dust and I didn't even remember owning some of them.  I decided to keep 4, but the number may end up being more like 1 in the near future.

I also kept the porcelain doll sitting on the desk because it was the first one my mom gave me while traveling in Paris.  It definitely holds great sentimental value.  :-)

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