Lessons from a Water Gun

My chipmunks went to a birthday party last weekend and brought home some tiny water guns in the goodie bags.  After tossing out the mini bags of glitter, fake coins, and blow horns, we filled up the water guns and tested them out on each other in the front yard.

As we enjoyed the sun, cool water and laughter, Alvin suggested we purchase bigger Nerf water guns from Target.  His request made me think about how culturally we’re conditioned to get bigger and better, and how many of us are not taking the time to appreciate everything we already have.

Bigger isn't always better

As we stood in line waiting to refill our water guns (we had to do this quite often), we chatted about mosquitoes, school starting soon, and what I should cook for dinner.  If we had the bigger guns, this interaction wouldn't have played a role in our fun, as I know how my kids are. For instance, I know for a fact, based off past experiences, that they would play with the new water guns for a week, and then they would be either broken or misplaced.

No storage worries and saved a few dollars

We saved about $20 by not purchasing the new guns, but for me its much more than just savings, especially since I won’t have to think about where to store the water guns during the winter months.

I don't feel like I'm depriving my kids by not feeding into their desire for bigger and better.  From my perspective, even though the water guns are smaller, they’re still getting the same fun experience as other kids with their bigger water guns; just a more valuable lesson for when they get older is the important difference.