Simplify Your Life: 5 Ways to Get In and Out of the Grocery Store

As much as I love cooking and learning about food, I can’t say I feel as enthused about grocery shopping. With planning my menu, too many indecisive people in the aisles, and long lines at the register, I would rather just outsource this chore. 

Since this isn’t a reality in my world, here are some methods I use to make it easier:


Come prepared with a list- There was a time when I NEVER shopped with a grocery list.  I used to figure out meals as I walked around.  Not only was this method time consuming, but also it became expensive because I picked up more impulsive items. Try to at least have a list handy for dinner planning and stick to staples like oatmeal, toast, and smoothies for breakfast to keep it simple.


Avoid the middle aisles-In my experience, those aisles are more congested and overstocked with highly processed food.  Stick to the perimeter of the store to take advantage of produce, grains, and nut milks.

Leave the kids at home-I do like taking my kids to the grocery store because it’s such an educational experience.  I enjoy letting them choose healthy food and getting their input on meals, but overall, they bust my budget.  On more than one occasion, I‘ve spent about $50 more than expected dealing with those little crumb snatchers. lol

Shop early morning (on the weekends) or mid-week at night-These times work best for me because it’s less crowded and you’re more likely to see what you want, grab it and go.

Stay off your phone- I'm guilty of this tip the most. I had my list, went at the right time, and still spent double the time in the store because I chose to chat on my phone.  



Those are my tips, what about yours?  Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.