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Lunch Box Tip#2: 3 Reasons Water Bottles are Better Than Juice Boxes


Save money- Sigg and Klean Kanteen 12 oz stainless steel water bottles are about $12 each.  I know 12 oz isn’t really a lot of liquid but my kids are in a good position to refill their bottle whenever needed during the day. I like stainless steel water bottles because it limits their exposure to BPA and are extremely durable.

When you consider the average price of juice boxes, these water bottles pay for themselves within a few weeks.


Better Health- We all know the benefits of filtered water over soft drinks and sugary juices, so I fill their bottles with water each day. I don’t have a problem with my children drinking juice.  My issue is that most of the juices designed for school lunches have a lot of sugar. Even though the organic brands tend to have less sugar, they’re expensive when you consider that most aren’t 100% juice.  

Reduce Waste-I’m not much of a fan of unnecessary waste and juice boxes rank pretty high on the unnecessary list.  Every year American children throw away an estimated 67 lbs of lunch waste per person. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of that is from prepackaged juice containers.


Even if you don’t decide to get stainless steel water bottles, consider a reusable alternative to juice boxes today. Save some money and reduce the impact on our environment.

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