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Getting Clutter Under Control

Even though my house may show otherwise, I despise clutter.  Seeing piles of papers, laundry, shoes, or anything else out of place gives me anxiety and clashes with my productivity.  

Now that we're gearing up to move closer to DC, I'm feeling motivated to get this house in order.

I reduced my wardrobe, gave away some furniture, dishes, and other items, but still feel like we have a lot of stuff we don't need in our home.

Here are my plans to get it together....

1 Item In 2 Items Out-I drove my family crazy last year when I started this up.  My kids often complained about not having 2 items to add to the Goodwill bag and my hubby kept shaking his head at me. Due to the resistance, I started enforcing this rule for myself only but I'm going to bring to back for the whole family. Hopefully, they will be more receptive this time around. *Sigh*

Active Goodwill bag at all times- I keep a bag for Goodwill in my closet but haven't been very good about making sure that I add to it.  My plan is to put at least one item in the bag each day.  It can be as simple as a DVD no one watches or an extra calculator in a drawer.

Will I still use this in 5 years?-I don't shop at big box stores very often but when I do, I'm going to ask myself, "will I still need/use this item in 5 years?" This will force me to be honest about what I buy and whether or not it's a true need. I hope to cut down on impulsive purchases by doing this.

How are you handling your clutter?

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Talk to y'all later. I have 3 day old laundry to put away. *Otis scream*

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