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Loving Bulk Bins


I discovered the appeal of bulk bins last year after my grocery store ran out of pre-packaged almonds.  I never paid much attention to this area and was surprised at the variety of products offered.

Save money

The bulk bins can get expensive if you don't weigh your products before buying.  I write out my menu and estimate the amount of cups I need before pulling the lever or grabbing the shovel.

On average,  I spend about $50 per month on raw organic nuts, grains, and seeds. That may sound like a lot of money, but keep in mind that we're a family of five and not buying meat, eggs or dairy.  The money we would typically spend in those areas is being diverted to more whole foods.



Be sure to store your bulk bins finds in a dark, air-tight and cool location.

Exploring new options

I don't think I would have been so open to try quinoa (which I love now!) or couscous, if it wasn't for the bulk bins.  I purchased about a 1/2 cup of both and experimented at home. Both purchases came up to about a $1 each.

My grocery store also offers bulk tea!

We (me & The Hubs) drink tea daily and save a lot of money by purchasing the loose-leaf tea in the bulk area. I shovel out my desired amount, weigh it, and spend only about $6 per month.


When it comes to tea, don't let the per pound amount scare you off. My store has tea ranging from $20 per lb to $200! You would need a whole lot of tea to ever pay that expensive amount. According to the labels, a half pound of tea will get you 90-100 cups.

Recent tea run-this will last about 2 weeks


 Talk to y'all later. I have a cup of tea waiting for me.

Happy bulk shopping!

What are your bulk bin favorites? Do you feel like you're saving money?  Let's discuss it in the comments below or on my Facebook or Twitter page.

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