Lactaid Is Still Around? Ummm, Why?

While getting my Scandal fix the other night on, I saw the latest Lactaid commercial. I did a little search and couldn't find the exact commercial, but like the others, the premise is the same. Lactaid is telling us that you can still enjoy dairy despite your dairy intolerance.

It got me thinking about my own childhood experience with Lactaid.  I spent the summer of 5th grade with some family in MD. We ate cereal each morning before camp and I remember asking my aunt about the milk because it was umm, different.  Ok, it was gross. lol


"We buy this milk (pointing to the Lactaid) because your cousin can't have dairy.  It causes him to have stomach pains." Even though I didn't question it further, I thought it was weird that he was still drinking an alternate dairy milk even though he technically shouldn't have dairy at all.

Sure, Lactaid removes the lactose but with so many non-dairy options on the market, do we still need this dairy source?

According to Frugivore Magazine, 75% of African-Americans are lactose intolerant.

Some says that number is too high.

Either way, it sounds like a lot of people are walking around with upset stomaches.

I'm not sure what the milk alternatives were like over 15 years ago, but I do know there are a lot of awesome alternatives to dairy milk on the market today.  

Almond milk- Typically made from grind up almonds and water, almond milk is great source of calcium and potassium without the saturated fat contained in dairy milk. It's also very simple to make right at home.

Coconut milk-Coconut milk sometimes gets a bad wrap for its saturated fat, but overall it's a great source of iron and aids in lowering blood pressure. Our family is currently transitioning to drinking more coconut milk opposed to soy.  So far, the kids don't like it in their cereal but So Delicious brand is awesome for cooking.

Soy Milk-Out of all the nut milks we've tried, I think soy milk has a consistency most similar to cow's milk. Silk has an affordable non-GMO brand available in many grocery stores.

Rice Milk-Even though rice milk contains more carbs than cow's milk, it doesn't contain cholesterol.  Many companies fortify their brands with vitamin B12, iron and calcium.

I just want to mention that I don't drink any of these milks outside of a smoothie or other recipe (never in a glass like water).  I just don't think any of them taste good enough to drink solo. I also felt the same way about cow's milk, though.

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