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Get Your Drink On-Is Your Beer/Wine Vegan?


I keep saying, "I don't drink, much" but these days it just doesn't ring true.  I don't sit home and throw back a six-pack, but I do find myself having a social drink at least once a month. Mainly when that hubby of mine is around. He's such a bad influence. lol

Some alcoholic beverages on the market today use animals byproducts in their production. 

Isinglass is a pure form of gelatin extracted from fish bladder to speed up the fining process.

Some beers, including Guinness, are made with small amounts of gelatin (derived from animal bones) and isinglass. Other alcoholic beverages use filtered egg white or sea shells.

That doesn't mean you can't get your drink on!

Barnivore is an awesome one stop source to quickly check whether or not your favorite brand of beer, wine or liquor is vegan.

They offer a comprehensive list of vegan-friendly beverages, and you can also download unofficial apps for searches while shopping or dining out.

A few popular vegan-friendly brands:

Corona (Woohoo! I mean, oh lol)

Hennessy Cognac


Absolut Vodka

Good ole' Barefoot didn't make the cut but *whispering* Jose Cuervo Tequila did

Sometimes companies change their production process, so feel free to contact them directly for the most up-to-date information. If possible, try to seek out brands that cater to vegan consumers.

Further reading:

Beer's Dirty Little Vegan Secret-includes a list of animal byproducts ingredients to avoid in alcoholic beverages

Is Your Beer Vegan? Guinness Isn't. Corona Is. 

Did your favorite brand make the vegan-friendly list?

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