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Are Yankee Candles Vegan?

I love scented candles and usually have about 3 burning at the same time. :-)

The other day, while getting toiletries at Target, I came across a clearance endcap with 22 oz. Yankee candles for $10 each.  I rarely buy Yankee because of their outrageous $25 (or more) price tag, so I was happy to get such a great deal.


Veganism extends further than food, and these days I'm working on being more conscious in supporting companies that offer vegan-friendly products. I'm not perfect by any means (and don't strive for that) but I do make an effort.

Anyhoo, I googled to see if Yankee uses wax derived from any animal sources.

Back in April, Happy Hippie Vegan Freak contacted Yankee and here's what they told her:

"Our candles are not animal tested.  And do not contain any animal or insect ingredients.  They are made with a food grade paraffin wax.  I hope this information is helpful."

Great news! So yes, Yankee candles are vegan. :-)

By the way, I snagged some seasonal soy candles for $5 each (on clearance) that same day.  


Peta has a list of other companies that offer vegan candles.

What's your favorite vegan brand of candles?

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