Will A McDonald’s (aka McDeath) Burger Decompose?

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The fact that we even have to ask the question about will a burger decompose is kind of sad. Food is supposed to rot and decompose, just like all living things live, die, and decompose. But for some reason, it seems like these burgers are different, I have seen many articles about people doing this exact experiment and taking pictures of their burger to watch the results. But what most people have found was that nothing remarkable happened...actually nothing much happened. The burgers stay in the condition, albeit harder.

A Facebook buddy of mine did not believe the results of previous experiments and figured they were untrue or a hoax. Well, I decided to find out for myself. I have not eaten at McDeath in years, but here I was buying a burger. (GaG!) But it is all for science, right? Well like the others before me, after 12 days, there is very little difference in the burger. (I have kept the burger on a shelf near my olive oil. I figure if it was going to decompose, it had a better chance if it was left out.) Well it has not started to rot. It does not smell. And no little critters are scavenging to eat it. (I guess they actually know better than to eat that crap! HA!)




So I will post another update in a couple of weeks...but there will probably not be much to report :/