Overcoming Doubt & Defining Your Own Success According to Viola Davis

Even though I enjoyed reading The Help, I have no desire to see the movie.  Just like Dangerous Minds, The Blind Side, and Freedom Writers, I don't typically like "white savior" movies.

When that said, I've been a fan of Viola Davis for many years, and I'm so glad she's finally receiving recognition.

I came across this clip where she talks about overcoming doubt and defining her own success.

"All of the things you feel about success has been defined by other people" So profound.  I'm finally okay with my success not being measured by how many bedroomsI have, how much higher education I've acquired, and the cost of my clothing.

I still battle with self-doubt but not nearly as much as I used to.  I'm finally okay with my views not matching the mainstream.  Like Davis says in the video, it's so important to figure out what you want and what will make you happy.