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6 Ways to Eat Vegan on a Budget

People often complain to me about how expensive vegan eating is.  I agree this way of eating isn't cheap but you do get what you pay for.  


Here are some tips to help reduce your grocery bill:

*Don't buy produce in bulk- I know this isn't popular advice, but in my experience, we waste money buying produce in bulk because we don't usually eat it fast enough. It’s best to buy only what you need.

*Shop store brand- With many of the store brands being comparable to national ones, you can save a little money there.  Also, many grocery stores are now offering store brand organics at a reduced price.

*Don't purchase pre-cut fruit and vegetables- Why pay the premium price for something you can easily do yourself? 

*Plan Plan Plan!  Make sure to bring a well-planned grocery list to avoid impulsive purchases. Check out my list of tips to help you plan your menu.

*Avoid pre-packaged or frozen vegan entrees- These foods are super expensive. Your money would stretch much further by making simple meals from scratch.

I talk more about that here....

You don't have to buy organic- If feeling like you have to purchase all organic produce, nuts, and seeds is preventing you from transitioning to vegan eating, don't let it.  

Here's a list from Environmental Working Group of the fruits and vegetables sprayed the most and least with pesticides.  If money is tight, buy only the "dirty dozen" produce organic.

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