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The Documentary That Changed Me

I often talk about how reading Skinny Bitch in 2008 planted the seed of veganism; how reading Sistah Vegan helped me transition to plant-based eating; and watching Earthlings kept me a vegan for the last two years.

I was talking to one of my clients last week, and she asked me to suggest a documentary that would shine light on the animal industry as a whole.  She wants to become a vegan for health reasons and feels learning more about the industry will help her transition.  I recommended Earthlings.

This documentary depicts how what we eat and wear not only affects our health; but also other people, the environment, and non-human animals.  Earthlings does an excellent job of addressing nature, animals, humankind and the massive injustices that take place for greed and profit.

I'm not perfect, but watching this documentary helped to make me more conscious of what I purchase and how it relates to more than just my family.  

Here's the trailer....

I also wanted to post the full documentary if you're interested in watching.

Don't let the tame trailer above fool you. This is the most graphic documentary I've ever seen.  It will change you.

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