Declutter Mission: Master Closet

After conquering our bedroom, the next step is our closet.

It used to be worse than this, so I won't even pretend the current situation is too bad. There was a time when finding something to wear was a struggle due to the piles of junk.


The plan of action:

Fold the laundry (shaking my head-this is always on the list!)

Rotate the winter and spring clothes

Add clothes/items to Goodwill bags (white bags above)

Go through the wicker baskets and remove unnecessary items

Organize hubby's sports card collection

Vacumn and wipe down baseboards

Let's start with the book shelf.....


 All of hubby's sports memorabilia & yearbooks


I tossed the shoe box and gave these cards a new home in an empty wicker basket.



After sorting clothes, making a Goodwill drop off, etc.....




This is one chore I will never do lol

What's your next decluttering project? Let me know in the comments.