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$100 Challenge: The First 3 Days

I have to say this challenge is going better than the last one. I went into this feeling more confident about meal planning and tried to make meals somewhat basic. This challenge is reminding me that I should probably try to reduce our grocery bill.  The last time around, we maintained a $125 weekly budget for about one month afterwards. That felt great!

Why isn't our $650 food budget less? When grocery shopping, I tend to go back to buying a lot of organic produce/products. If you're not a vegan, don't feel like you have to buy organic food.  Do what works best for you and your budget. 

Day 1



Granola cereal with flax seeds and soy milk



Prepacked veggie burger (made from sunflower seeds & rice-kids didn't like it-I thought it was okay with mustard, vegan mayo and lettuce. Does that count? lol), baked fries, strawberries


Simon helped me out in the kitchen....


Portobello lasagna & Garlic bread

Day 2


Bagel & smoothie with blueberries, bananas and water


Sorry, I don't have any lunch or dinner pictures.  I left hubby with the kids while I spent the day with my mom.

Lunch: French fries, frozen mixed veggies, grapes

Dinner: spaghetti & frozen broccoli

Day 3

I took some nice pictures of breakfast and lunch but deleted them. *sigh* I thought the pictures were already on my computer.  I did get a picture of dinner but it was just left over spaghetti and peas.

Breakfast French toast, apple slices

LunchChickpea tacos, basic salad with lettuce, tomato and carrots



Stay tuned for more meals.

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