Letting Go.... For Now

I've written before about making the decision to let my kids eat what they want when we dine out. I'm willing to compromise since they enjoy a mostly vegan lifestyle at home.  I know I can make the decision for them, but the truth of the matter is, I'm tired. I'm tried of nagging the kids about making the right food decisions at restaurants.

Why should I have to sell them on the idea of veganism? I have to let the food and my compassion for them speak for itself. I want them to enjoy eating out without mom breathing down their back and making them second guess all of their food choices. 

Adults often can't and/or won't make vegan food decisions, so why should I expect my children to?


Over the weekend, we celebrated a birthday with the hubby's family at a buffet-style restaurant. Theo and I walked to each station grabbing vegetables noodles, french fries, and fresh fruit. There was an abundance of seafood, beef, and chicken and we almost made it back to the table without him questioning it, until he saw fried drumsticks. He asked for one, and I allowed for him to have it.

He enjoyed his meal and headed back up with his cousins and my aunt for dessert after he spotted a man eating an ice cream cone. My aunt bought him back to the table with a cup of chocolate ice cream, two small pastries, and Jell-O. *Sigh*


He liked the pastries and ice cream but said the Jell-O was weird (I never gave it to him before) and played with it instead. Woohoo at him not being a Jell-O fan. Here's why I care.

The point of this post is to focus on celebrating our success instead of harping on why I'm such a crappy mom for allowing my kids eat in a way that I don't agree with.

I want to start focusing on the fact that my kids now indulge in vegan food and cooking.

How they ask questions about animals and expressed interest in visiting an animal sanctuary.

How they now understand why mommy doesn't eat meat or dairy.

How they beg for green smoothies and couldn't imagine a week without oatmeal for breakfast.

How when the server asked my 7 year old what he wanted to drink, he had no problem ordering water with lemon.


Maybe 2 years from now, my boys will automatically order vegan when we go to eat out.  For now, I'm letting it go.