"Eat the Cake, Anna Mae!"

Don't mind me, I relate everything to a song or movie. Anyhoo....

After 2 years of being vegan, celebrating over a cake at social gathering is still awkward. I feel rude and like I'm not truly sharing in the festivities when I say "no thanks" to the cake.

In the last month, I've been to 3 social events where the cake is the centerpiece.


Bypassing the cake at my uncle's birthday party was easy because we were all spread out at the restaurant. I ate from the fruit bar instead.


One of my friends graduated a few weeks ago and cake was also the center of her celebration.  Peek hubby on the right with his Corona bottle reaching for the cake.  This situation wasn't as bad and many of her guests wanted to have candid conversation about veganism. As a matter of fact, I'm going grocery shopping with one of her friends next month. Woohoo! That was an amazing situation but still umm, awkward watching everyone eat while I sip on a fruity cocktail.


This coconut cream cake was the most awkward of them all. I think the size of my grandmother's gathering was a major factor here. There was only about 9 people and we mostly stayed in one area. When cake and ice cream was served, I listened watched and stared. Ummm, AWKWARD!  Fortunately, since this is all family (they all know how I eat), no one said anything. I still felt out of place just watching them all gather around cake and ice cream.

The positive....

Since so many people are becoming health conscious, I don't catch much grief for not eating the cake.

I just smile and go along with the "you must be watching your waistline" comments.