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Your Child Doesn't Like Green Leafy Vegetables?

Throw them in a smoothie!

Alvin (my middle son) is my picky eater. He doesn't like change with his food and was the hardest of the 3 to embrace vegan eating.

It's interesting though because in the last 2 years, he has become the one who is more likely to try new recipes/ingredients.

Even so, he still isn't fond of green vegetables on his plate.

My solution? Toss it in his smoothie.

Smoothies containing spinach & swiss chard & fresh fruit are the easiest to get kids to drink because it doesn't taste like anything (despite the green color).

One of my Facebook friends suggested fresh pineapple when using raw kale and collard greens in a smoothie to help mask the bitterness.


What are you favorite smoothie vegetables?


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