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I Don't Like All Vegan Restaurants


Hubby and I headed to Sunflower a few weeks ago for date night. I've been wanting to get back there since devouring their tofu & veggie sandwich a few months ago.


We started off with an avocado roll-it was just ok


Hubby ordered steamed kabocha, root vegetables & hijiki, burdock, tofu, rice, & curry rice.


I ordered tofu with noodles, carrots and mushrooms-the noodles were too soft and overall the dish was bland.  


Dessert: Avocado Lemon Pie with a scoop of vegan ice cream-I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I ordered this. I love avocado and lemon, so I figured having them in a pie would rock. I think the consistency is what messed me up. It reminded me too much of Jello.

 I always try to support vegan establishments but Sunflower just didn't do it for us.

The service was blah and the food just ok, so I highly doubt we will be back.

Next time I will let hubby pick the restaurant.

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