Why I Think Mainstream Veganism Falls Short

A few months ago, when I posted my Rice Krispies Treats video, a few viewers gave me suggestions on how to make the recipe healthier and/or less expensive.  I was grateful for the feedback but will likely continue to make the recipe the same way I did in the video.

Why? Because it's familiar. My current recipe reminds me of making homemade Rice Krispies Treats with my next door neighbor on summer afternoons as a kid.  The cooking process and taste are almost identical.

I feel as though many people decide not to embrace veganism because there's a stigma of sacrifice and extreme health consciousness.   

There's too much focus of what you can't eat opposed to what you can. Maybe my views are different because I didn't become a vegan for health reasons.

I don't mind junk food and also have no problem eating meat alternatives.  I've found some really good brands and they actually make meal planning and cooking easier.

If I didn't feel like I couldn't eat what I wanted, I wouldn't have made it this far.  I grew up near PETA's headquarters and thought vegans were nuts.  I couldn't understand why anyone would want to eat only tofu and salads for the rest of their lives.

Boy, was I wrong! There's more to veganism than tofu and salads.

People want familiar, comforting food. Sure, I love my smoothies and all the other healthy jazz, but overall we don't want to feel like we're missing out.  

Experiment with vegan recipes and take this lifestyle one day at a time.

Porti De Rossi said it best- "Make all the foods you love vegan instead of making vegan food."


What do you think?