Vegan While Out: Pizza FAIL-With Vlog

I love date night and always feel like we just don't have enough of them.  We hung out in Arlington and had "pizza" at Vapiano. Pizza is in quotes because our pie was more like a cracker or breadstick than a regular pizza.


This experience is an example of why it's so important to be clear when omitting ingredients.  I ordered a regular pizza with garlic and tomatoes; not realizing the sauce was a goat paste. When I saw the cook bringing out the cheese paste, I asked him to skip the dairy and assumed he would use tomato sauce when we walked away. Umm, no. lol

This situation was totally my fault for not being clear with him.  Lesson Learned. lol

Next time I will save myself the hassle with a basic bowl of noodles and marinara sauce. 


Here's a short vlog I did with clips from that night.  I'm working on my vlogging skills, so bare with the some of the lighting and angle issues. 

Do you run into issues when ordering plant-based meals while dining out?