Grocery Shopping with Kids & Small Grocery Haul (VIDEO)

Since my husband isn't with us during the week (he's away for work), I take the boys grocery shopping a lot more than I used to.  We head to the store (usually during off-peak hours) with a list and a prayer that I don't have to hear complaints, arguments, or no one asks for anything.

When I took them to the store yesterday, we left with 3 bags filled with produce and minimum sugary snacks. 

What was so different this time?

*Say no to the inner aisles-I typically use the inner aisles for oatmeal, pasta and a 4 pack of Izze drinks. Since I didn't need any of those items, we avoided the temptation of cookies, chips, and candy that the inner aisles offer.

*Distraction-I sent them to retrieve items off my list, so there was no time to ask for anything.

*I kept the list shorter than usual-getting the boys in and out saved time, energy, and money


*Candy-free checkout line-Our grocery store has a few registers where books are sold instead of candy, so we utilized one of those check-out lines. *In my Soup Nazi voice* No candy for you! lol

Success! I went home and recorded a little vlog about it....

Notes from the vlog:

I spent $118 today-Monthly budget is typically $600 

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How do you stay within budget and maintain a healthy grocery cart while shopping with your kids?