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Juice Feast-The Final Day (VIDEO)

I'm glad it's over but thankful for the experience.  I've learned a lot (will share more soon), and Eric is feeling great! Even though I'm not interested in becoming a raw vegan, I do feel this experience gave me the confidence to embrace more raw vegan recipes.

In this video, we discuss the juices we drank, whether or not we would do another juice cleanse, setbacks, and the juicer we own.

In a few minutes, I'm heading over to the juicer for another round of collards, pineapple, lemon, and ginger.  Juice power!

Have a fabulous day!


Sidenote: I felt so chatty and confident in this video.  I'm so glad the camera didn't intimidate me as much. I feel like I let my goofy personality shine. Woohoo! #progress


Watch all 3 videos from the juice feast in the playlist below:

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