Vegan While Out: Indian Guru

Eric and I have been searching for authentic Indian food and we stumbled on a new small restaurant with service and food that didn't disappoint.

The menu clearly marked all the vegan options and the cover even boasted about catering to a vegetarian lifestyle. Woohoo! Intimate ambience and inexpensive food? Sign me up!

Instead of ordering from the menu, we opted for the lunch buffet that featured several of the same dishes. The server pointed out 3 vegan entrees on the buffet and I piled my plate up with them.

Vegetable samosa, mixed vegetables, chana marsala & basmati rice-I promise it tasted better than this picture looks. So flavorful!


Tips on choosing vegan Indian dishes while dining out-

Fortunately, plenty of Indian dishes are already vegetarian or vegan.

*Check out the menu online before leaving to get an idea of what options are available.

*Vegetable curry, samosas, pakoras, dhal and papadums tend to be vegan

*Be sure to inquire about the ingredients in the sauces to ensure there's no butter or other animal byproducts.

Most importantly, politely ask your server for assistance. :-)


Theo photo bombing my random restaurant shots.....



I came across a vegan Indian cookbook at the library the other day.  I can't wait to experiment with some of the recipes. 


I hope you had a great weekend!