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Other Brown Vegan: Gail Roddy

With only 2% of Americans identifying as vegan, it's no wonder most people don't feel this lifestyle relates to them. I use Other Brown Vegan to showcase famous and every day vegans who love this lifestyle.

Listen to the podcast episode I did with Gail here

This week, Gail Roddy is sharing her story....

*How long have you been a vegan?  

I’ve eaten 100% vegan since August 20, 2013—almost four months. While I haven’t eaten animal or fish flesh or eggs in over 30 years, off/on I’ve eaten dairy products (butter, cheese).  So I admit that I’ve struggled for 30 years to remain vegan. The longest I’ve remained diary-free at one time has been 3 years.

*What made you decide to embrace a plant-based diet?

Thirty-five years ago I was in my twenties and thought I was healthy. I weighed 125 lbs, had lush hair down to my waist. I looked GOOD. I ate the Standard American Diet. Intuitively, I knew something was very wrong that I had cramping in my stomach as my food was trying to digest.  Someone told me that indicated I might have trouble digesting meat. Made common sense to me. I stopped eating meat that day and the poor digestion and cramping ceased in less than a week! I’ve never returned to eating flesh-foods. A few years later, through iridology I discovered meat eating had me on my way to colon cancer—probably by the time I was 35.



*What was the hardest food (meat, dairy, eggs, etc) to move away from?  

Meat, fish, and eggs were very easy to move away from. Butter and cheese have been my nemesis!

*Any advice for new vegans?

Oh, be gentle with yourself. No doubt you will backslide. I’d beat myself mercilessly when I did. It took me many years but I finally realized beating me up was a waste of energy. So I stopped being self-critical and returned to being self-loving/accepting. Less than optimal food, eaten with love and self-compassion, digests more efficiently than optimal food eaten under the fear and duress of perfectionism. Believe that.

*What are some of your favorite books/websites on veganism?  

Books: The Blending Book Ann Wigmore & Lee Pattinson, Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner, Living Cuisine by Renee Loux Underkoffler





And of course:

I especially love your website tag, “A down-to-earth approach.” I think that is sooo necessary. I can easily get bogged down in feeling a failure when I don’t execute any task “properly.” I’ve been that way my entire life and I extended that pattern to veganism. “Down to earth” is clear when you say you still eat flour and sugar and you are simply striving in the present moment to eat them as healthfully as you can. That must be such a relief for your peeps!!! It is a relief for me.

*Please share a recipe you enjoy.

Sunflower Seed Pate

1-cup raw sunflower seeds (soaked 6-8 hours)

1 medium-sized (or 2 small) jalapeno pepper, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

3-4 T lime or lemon juice

¼ cup olive oil

½ tsp sea salt

1 green onion

1 small sweet red pepper, chopped

A pinch of cayenne pepper powder (optional)

Drain sunflower seeds. Put all ingredients into blender or food processor. (The food processor works best.) Blend for about 10 seconds. Stop and push ingredients toward blades. Check consistency. Add a couple of teaspoons of water if you desire a thinner consistency. Repeat until blades have fully blended the mixture to smooth.

This pate is delicious with crackers or raw veggies. Will keep in refrigerator for 5- days. Your household will quickly gobble this pate way before the 5 days are up. Better double the recipe!

 *How can we reach you?

I’m on Facebook as Gail Roddy. At my website, I blog about healthy eating for healthy mind and body, healthy marriages, and healthy sisterhood. When I sleep at night I dream dreams about living as a conscious, evolving, but-makes-plenty-of-mistakes woman. Blogging about this inspirational dreaming, so it’s shared with other women is why I’m called: The SisterWhisperer.

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