7 Juice Feast Tips

Even though I don't see myself doing another juice feast, I really do enjoy starting my day off with fresh juice.

Here are a few lessons I learned from our recent juice feast:

*There's no such thing as too many fruits and vegetables while shopping for your feast.  We had to replenish our stash twice during our 5 days.

*Drink before you start to feel hungry-have fresh juice an/or water available at all times.  Sip, sip and sip some more. :-) This will make the hunger pains less overwhelming

*Watch documentaries or read books about health and nutrition at night.  After 7 PM was the time I found myself wanting to quit the most.  Use that time to read and watch inspiing stories.  Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a good one.

*Try to juice enough for the whole day-Cleaning a juicer is way too much work to juice several times a day.  Use mason jars and a refrigerator for storage, but try to drink within 24 hours because the vitamins and minerals in the juice can oxidize over time.

*Keep busy-Try to find activities that will prevent you from thinking how much you want to eat.

*Get an accountability buddy-Having Eric made all of the difference in the world for me.  I would have quit by day 2 if I didn't have him to keep me on track.

*Try to have fun-Get your kids to help you juice and serve it up! It felt so good seeing the boys enjoying all the fresh juice with us.

*Speaking of kids, try to make as many meals for them in advance.  You don't want to put yourself in a position where you're constantly forced to be around food. Make several bulk meals like soup and spaghetti, and freeze to avoid being in the kitchen for longer than a few minutes.



Just a quick update: Eric is juicing daily and continues to watch many of the documentaries on Netflix pertaining to health and whole foods.  He told me earlier that he wants to slowly transition to a vegan lifestyle.  I'm SUPER excited!

Happy Juicing!