Thinking About Buying A New Juicer?

Y'all know I love YouTube!

Chaud's Juice Therapy offers information on all things juicing.  I can't wait to try her watermelon lime-aide juice.

In this video, she discusses the difference between centrifugal & masticating juicers. 

Pros and Cons of Centrifugal & Masticating Juicers

 Centrifugal juicers take anything you place down a chute and grind it up by spinning it quickly over sharp blades.

Centrifugal Pros:

*Budget friendly

*Faster overall juicing experience-you don't usually have to cut up fruit and vegetables prior to juicing and it processes the produce faster.



*Heats the juice while spinning and kills some of the nutrients

*Can't store in the refrigerator as long-Oxidation causes the juice to foam and requires that it's consumed quickly to avoid spoilage and continuous loss of nutrients. 

Examples of centrifugal juicers (affiliate links): 

Masticating juicers knead and grind the fruit or vegetables until the juice is released.

Masticating Pros:

*Higher juice yield-even with green leafy vegetables; which tend to be stubborn in a centrifugal juicer.

*The quality of juice is better because you get more of the nutrients since the juicing process is slower- the juice doesn't heat up as much.

*You don't have to consume the juice as quickly as centrifugal juice.  Since there's hardly any oxidation, the juice doesn't separate when sitting for a couple of hours.


*You have to chop up your fruit and vegetables because these juicers have a small chute


Examples of masticating juicers (affiliate links) :

I have a centrifugal juicer (pictured below).  Even though the juice quality is deemed the lesser of the two, it seems to work really well for our family.

Which brand of juicer are you thinking about buying?  Or which juicer do you already own?