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My White Husband Didn't Convert Me to A Vegan Diet....

........& 6 tips to get your spouse to eat plant-based meals.

You wouldn't believe how many acquaintances and family members (the ones I don't know well) say I became a vegan because of Eric. Wait, so Black folks can't be vegan? Oh ok.  *Sigh*

Anywho, I love Eric to death. He's an amazing husband and father, but he didn't influence my decision to become a vegan. In fact, he wanted to know if I would still make him steak or chicken once I made the decision to become one.  lol

I asked him to share some tips to help women interested in getting their spouse to embrace plant-based eating on my YouTube channel.

6 Tips From the Video: 

(1) Pre-packaged vegan food is helpful for transitioning to a plant-based diet. I wrote a post about that here

(2) Be gentle and don't force the food

(3) Don't tell what's in the food lol Wait until your spouse tries it

(4) Take it one step at a time-Eat one plant-based meal a week

(5) Ask your spouse to keep an open mind. Don't expect the food to taste like its conventional counterpart

(6) Replace foods

Thanks for watching and reading! I will see you on Saturday with a new smoothie recipe. 

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