Social Accountability for Weight Loss-Mrs. New Booty #2

"Mrs. New Booty" is a blog series I started to document my weight loss journey.

Written on May 23rd

I really wasn't in the mood to exercise this morning. 

I was pumped for my morning jog last night, though.  I downloaded my podcasts (Ratchet & the Geek and The Read), pulled out my workout gear and set my alarm.

I woke up early, ate a banana, drank a cup of tea and played on YouTube for an hour. 


The struggle is real .

When Jason got up, he asked about my jog. When I told him I didn't go, he suggested we go on a walk.

We walked 2 miles and I munched on some rabbit food....

                I make better food choices when I exercise.

                I make better food choices when I exercise.

 Social accountability got me moving! If you're trying to lose a few pounds, ask someone you trust to keep you in line. 

Later this week, I will talk about setting a weekly workout schedule.

Thanks for reading! 

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