What Do Vegans Eat Anyway?

Since I don't usually talk about my vegan lifestyle (outside of the blog and YouTube), most people don't know how I eat unless we have a meal together.

The following is the conversation that usually happens:

Person: "You have a lot of rabbit food on your plate. You don't eat meat." 

Me:  *smiling* "No." 

Person: "So you're a vegetarian?" 

Me: "No, I'm a vegan." 

Person: "I think I've heard of that. You don't eat eggs, right?"

Me: "Right. Or any meat, eggs, dairy, and any other animal byproducts." 

Person: "No fish?" 

Me: "Nope." 

Person: "No chicken?"  

Me: "No." 

Person: "Wait...so what do you eat?" 

I came across this chart and wanted to share it. Basically, I eat a lot of fruit, tacos, vegetables (especially broccoli, spinach & kale), rice, beans (especially black and kidney beans), flour tortillas, and sugary vegan snacks. lol