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Q & A : Vegan Kids While Out

Question from my Facebook inbox......

"Forgive me if this has been touched on a million times, I am brand new to your YouTube channel and have lots of catching up to do!

The questions that pop into my brain immediately are kids birthday parties or events and school lunches.....  how do you handle?

My kids are presently 8 and 7 and I try to make one good sized change for us every few months. I cannot imagine, though, how one deals with the endless parade of pizza parties the kiddos are invited to.  Do you make exceptions or are you EXCLUSIVELY vegan?

My babies :-) 

My babies :-) 

Answer-Yeah, school events, cookouts and kiddie parties used to be a major struggle for me.  I wanted my kids to be vegan but it was too difficult (mainly because my older kids are with their dad on the weekends) and I hated them being left out during birthday parties.  Also, I feel it's hard enough for adults to become vegan, so it's a ton of pressure for kids.

When my kids were in public school, I packed them a vegan lunch and they still enjoy eat vegan meals at home. When we eat out, go to a party, etc. they eat whatever they want.

When I was trying to get the boys to eat an exclusive vegan diet, I would bring dishes/treats to parties and school for them to share. Also, I would feed them before we went to parties and right afterwards.

I'm not sure if my views on vegan kids is popular, but after 3 years, I feel this way works best for our family.

I hope that helps! 

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