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I Got Those Booty Shorts | Mrs New Booty #6

Yep! Remember when I said I would wear shorts before the summer is over?


Well I did!  These jogging shorts count, right?  lol I haven't stepped on the scale, but I'm really starting to love the skin that I'm in. I find myself focusing on the areas I like about myself opposed to what I desperately want to change.

I spent most of the summer walking for 30 minutes and I now jog more without thinking about it. Progress!

Target posin' Ha! lol

Target posin' Ha! lol

 How can I expect real change if I don't appreciate where I am right now?

Mrs. New Booty is truly about maintaining a exercise routine and making gradual life long changes for a healthier body and mind. 

What are you doing to stay/get in shape?

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