Vegan Brunch & Making Decisions

I'm not a shy person, but I have a hard time putting myself out there to meet new people...especially in a group setting.  My palms get sweaty, my heart starts to pound, and I talk faster than normal (is that even possible? lol).

A couple of weeks ago, Rosetta invited me to her place for brunch with her and three other ladies. Instead of talking myself out of the invite (like I usually do when invited anywhere) I pushed passed my anxiety and accepted.


We had an amazing time! Lots of food, music, wine, and discussions about business and life. I'm sooo glad I didn't miss out on this opportunity to hang with Rosetta again and meet some other amazing women.

Let's talk about the food! I never expect people to cater to my vegan diet but it warms my heart when they do.

We started off with a cheese platter, but Rosetta made sure to put almonds, grapes and  dates on it for me.  


Then we cooked (mostly Rosetta lol) fried potatoes, greens and grits. Yummers! The other ladies also had salmon and Rosetta added cheese to their grits after serving mine.


We had a vegan apple pie from Whole Foods and So Delicious ice cream for dessert. OMG!


No one thought it was vegan! :-) 


It's funny how making the decision to get uncomfortable is helping me come out of this self-imposed anxiety bubble. I've been saying I want to change for a long time, but making the decision is what led me to actually stepping out there and doing it.

I know we're talking about anxiety in this post, but this same decision principle applies to everything else in life, too. With food, if you really want to be a vegan make the decision.  Then spend some time researching vegansim, cooking and experimenting. :-)

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