Five Baby Steps To A Vegan Lifestyle

It wasn't that long ago that our family dinners consisted of Gordon's fishsticks and boxed macaroni and cheese. We all have to start from somewhere.

When I read Skinny Bitch in 2008, I knew it was time to make some changes for my family's health and to protest the terrible realities of factory farming.

Our journey to vegan eating was very gradual. 

Some people tell me they're interested in eating a few vegan meals a week, but making a complete change isn't something they want to do right now. I can understand that. In fact, even though Skinny Bitch (a vegan book) helped me to become a vegetarian, I didn't become a vegan until 2 years later.

Here are some changes you can make immediately in your journey to vegan eating: 


Switch out your milk and butter-Use Earth Balance vegan margarine opposed to conventional butter in recipes and to butter toast.  The flavor is very similar to conventional butter and there's no cholesterol. Also, instead of cow's milk, consider soy, coconut or almond milk in cooking and eating cereal.

Tempeh stir-fry

Tempeh stir-fry

Cook one vegan meal a week- It really doesn't have to be all or nothing. Head to the library and check out a few vegan cookbooks for inspiration. Experiment with new ingredients and slowly get used to making vegetables and grains the center of your meal.   Check out my recipe page for some recipes, too.

Read/watch one vegan inspired book or documentary- Books and documentaries are so inspirational and help you to take ACTION. Skinny Bitch, Sistah Vegan, Earthlings (very graphic), Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Vegucated, and Food Matters are some great books and documentaries to start with.

Drink green smoothies- I think green smoothies are a great simple breakfast and will help you make better food decisions throughout the day. Simple Green Smoothies has a lot of great recipes on their Instagram.

Lastly, Don't beat yourself up- Changing life long habits can be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Learn to celebrate all the small victories and keep pushing forward!